Am I the only one annoyed with that damn Grammarly ad. that pops up every 5 minutes or so while using YouTube?  As much as its annoying,  and the fact that a software like Grammarly exists, it goes to show that we really don't know English like we claim we do.    Just recently, I was … Continue reading Grammarly



Being Jamaican isn't just a nationality.  It's an experience,  you have to live it to understand - Proud Jamaicans. I never knew how proud I am to be Jamaican until I moved to Europe.   "¿Qué teneís aquí? ¿Buscas la sociedad de africanos?" These are just a few of the racist, narrow-minded questions that I, along with … Continue reading Diplopia


  The 'Church' is a metonym that represents Christianity with no standard denominational inferences.  In Jamaica, the church is culturally accepted as a morally sound institution - the ideal compass of good and evil.  To be initiated as a member of the church is a public declaration of one’s commitment to this morality.   However, most Jamaicans will have you know that - … Continue reading Scruples


"2016: The Year of the Truth. The Year of Everything" - Alkaline. Was Alkaline's 2016 Campaign a success story?  From as early as his first interview Onstage in 2014, Earlan Bartley, popularly known as Alkaline, has been prophesying about  successes to be had in the year 2016.  Since then, the 23 year-old's career has experienced tremendous growth - from … Continue reading Vendetta


For most of us, self encouragement is one of the hardest things to find. Just a few weeks ago, I was in dire need of motivation to do well on my finals. And like most university students, I also believe that the struggles are real when it comes on to exams.